Creating Website with Hubzilla: 3. Layouts


Disclaimer: This part I'm still figuring out myself, but I'm hoping to give you a basic idea from which to get started.

Now, as stated at the end of the page creation tutorial, without layouts the page is very basic, with no sidebars.

There is a section in the Hubzilla help about the Comanche language, but at this point I'm trying to make sense of it. I'm giving to the gist here of what I figured out so far.

The page layouts are based on regions.

There are several pre-configured regions. For some very basic structuring, you only need two, really: the aside and content regions. Those will give you a sidebar on the left and the content area. There is also right_aside, which will add a second sidebar on the right; be aware though that there is currently no way to show this one in the mobile interface.