Creating Website with Hubzilla: 3. Menus


Menus help you structure your content. They allow you to group pages and also external links or links to files in your channel storage together and display them, for example, in the sidebar of a web page, or on your channel home.

In order to create a menu, go to the Webpages app, click on "Menus" on the left, and then click "Create".

Creating a new menu

The menu name should be something short and memorable, with no spaces. The menu title will be displayed when you embed the menu.

I'm not very creative when it comes to making up demo names, so I'm naming this one "main" ;-)

After you click "Submit and proceed", you can start adding entries. Let's start with the page called "home" we created earlier:

Creating the first entry

Note that if you link to pages on your own hub, you can use relative links, which has the advantage that they will work across clones.

Magic-auth makes sense if you're linking to content hosted on either your own hub or anywhere else on Hubzilla or Zap.

To add more links at this time, click "Submit and continue". When you're done, click "Submit and finish".

You can always add or remove links later by going back to Webpages > Menus, and then clicking on the little pencil icon for the menu you want to edit.