Hubzilla - Tips & Tricks: Apps


    It's possible to extend Hubzilla's functionality with app. Some apps are available by default, others need to be installed by the instance's admin.

    Here's a selection of the default apps:

    • Articles
      Blog functionality for your channel
    • Calendar
      And event Calendar with CalDav support
    • CardDav
      Address book management
    • Chatrooms
      Self-explanatory ;-)
    • Files
      Your cloud file storage with access control. Also accessible through WebDAV.
    • Guest Access
      Create guest tokens for people who are not on Hubzilla to share content with them, including files and photos
    • Photos
      Again, self-explanatory
    • Privacy groups
      Lets you organize your connections in groups for easier access control.
    • Webpages
      A tool to create static pages for your channel
    • Wiki
      Lets you create wikis such as this one.

    And a selection of additional apps (descriptions mostly from the admin interface):

    • Adult Photo Flag
      Provides an optional feature to hide individual photos from the default album view
    • b2tbtn
      Show link to go back to the top of the page.
    • Bookmarker
      Replace #^ with a bookmark icon
    • cart
      Core cart utilities for orders and payments
    • Channel reputation
      Reputation system for community channels (forums, etc.)
    • Chess
      Hubzilla plugin for decentralized, identity-aware chess games powered by chessboard.js
    • Chord generator
      Guitar Chord Generator Application
    • Diaspora Protocol
      Connect to the Diaspora decentralized social network
    • Emojione
      Emoji emoticons
    • Flattr Widget
      Add a Flattr Button to the left/right aside are to allow the flattring of one thing (e.g. the for a blog)
    • Fuzzy location
      If you have browser location enabled for your posts, provide a bit of fuzziness to your actual location.
    • Gallery
      Album gallery and photo viewer based on photoswipe
    • GNU social Connector
      Relay public postings to a connected GNU social account (formerly StatusNet)
    • GNU-Social Protocol
      Connect to GNU-Social accounts (formerly StatusNet)
    • Hilite
      Syntax highlight code blocks
    • IRC Chat Plugin
      add an Internet Relay Chat chatroom
    • NSFW
      Collapse posts with inappropriate content
    • OpenStreetMap
      Use OpenStreetMap for displaying locations. After activation the post location just beneath your avatar in your posts will link to OpenStreetMap. Let's you embed maps in your posts.
    • PubCrawl
      An unapologetically non-compliant ActivityPub Protocol implemention
    • PubSubHubBub
      Required for GNU-Social protocol. Add PuSH capability to channel feeds
    • Qrator
      QR generator
    • superblock
      block channels
    • TOTP
      two-factor authentication

    Checking for available apps

    Before you choose your hub where to sign up, you might want to check which apps are installed. You can do so by calling up the base url for the hub and append siteinfo.json. For this hub, the link looks like this:
    The installed apps are listed under "Plugins".

    Installing apps

    In order to install new apps, click the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen and choose "Add apps". From there, click on "Available apps" on the left. This takes you here:

    Recommended apps


    This app lets you specify keywords and then collapses posts in the stream if those keywords are found. If your contacts tag their NSFW posts correctly, you shouldn't see any nude pictures in your stream. I also know somebody who was getting too many pictures of spiders in her stream, so she added "spider" to the list of keywords.


    An absolute must-have, as far as I'm concerned. Does what it says - it lets you block users from communicating with you in any way, shape, or form. Also hides their comments on your connections' posts in your stream.

    Privacy Groups

    Organize your connections in groups. Makes it easy to share items (posts, photos, files etc.) with a selected group of people, without having to choose them individually each time.

    Federation apps

    If you want to connect to people elsewhere in the Federation / the Fediverse, you have to install the necessary protocols:

    • Diaspora (Diaspora / Friendica)
    • ActivityPub (e.g. Mastodon / Pleroma / Friendica)
    • GNU-Social

    Friendica is kind of an odd case, as it supports more than one protocol.