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Zap - Getting started: First Steps


    You can register at any Zap site that allows for user registration. They all communicate with each other.

    Depending on the site's policies, you will (most likely) have to confirm your e-mail address.
    If you see the following screen after registration, an e-mail will be sent to you with a validation link.


    Click on the link, or copy the validation token and paste it on the page pictured above.

    Also, depending on the site's policies, an administrator may have to approve your registration. If that's the case, you won't see the screen above. Instead, you will have to wait for an e-mail confirming your registration. If authorization is required, there is a note at the top of the registration page.

    Channel creation

    After your registration is successful, the first step is to create a "channel", which is your identity on Zap and the rest of the Fediverse.

    It is recommended that you use your real name here, but usually not required, unless the owner of the site has set a different policy.


    The second field is your identifier on the Fediverse; it's autogenerated from your channel name, in this case "betty". You can change this to anything you like, though, as long as the desired nick name isn't in use on that site yet.
    Important to note: While the channel name can be changed later, the nick name cannot, so better double check what you're getting.
    When you're happy, click on "Create".

    Profile creation

    After you create your channel, the default setting on most sites is to take you to your profile. Fill in as much or as little as you like.

    In order to change your profile picture, click on "Profile tools", and then on "Change profile photo":

    Since you're new to the site, you don't have any "existing" pictures yet, so click on upload and find the file you want on your hard disk.

    The next step is to crop your picture square. You can do this by dragging the corners of the blue box:


    You will likely have to scroll down to see the whole picture, and to find the submit button ("Done editing"):